Installation Checklist
Please ensure everything is ready prior to the scheduled installation time. If you need to reschedule please give as much notice as possible with at least a 24 hour prior notice:

  • We require a home owner or a contractor (who can make decisions on behalf of the home owner) be present during the entire installation process.
  • Our installation team will arrive within the scheduled time frame. If your appointment time slot is 9 – 10 am they will arrive within that time period.(Allow 2-3 hours for an average kitchen)
  • Please make sure there is clear access for parking, the entrance, stair ways and all hallways should be clear of all obstacles. Stone is very heavy; our installers will try to minimize how much maneuvering they need to do while carrying each piece. Providing a clean and clear area will safeguard against accidental breaks and cracks of the stone during installation.
  • For safety keep children, pets and yourself away from installation area and the path of access. Move all breakables, valuables, or obstructions from the area.Consider covering any furniture, electronics or antiques to protect from dust if necessary.
  • If advised during template that you need counter top supports for overhangs, please have them installed prior to our arrival.
  • All plumbing must be disconnected prior to the installation appointment. Our installation team will attach an under mount sink and/or test fit your drop in sink and/or cook top stove. (Our installers cannot make any disconnects or reconnects)
  • If you have not already done so please remove your old counter tops. (If not removed we will remove and there may be a charge)
  • For installation all appliances need to be unhooked and completely removed from their location including the slide in stove, cook top and the refrigerator.
  • Our installation team will take your signature before leaving your premises, to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • You are welcome to contact us any time about how to prepare for installation appointment and about your newly installed counter tops.

If a responsible adult is not present, no one is home, or the above items have not been completed prior to the installation appointment. We will re-schedule your installation for our next available date and you may be charged a return trip fee.